oh austin.

i meant to post earlier today but it has been a pretty lazy saturday and well i just got distracted!
mainly by the rough and tumble world of living with a boy...especially a boy who drinks about ohhh...15,000 gallons of milk a week!
but anywho the real reason that got me sitting down is the fact that austin, tx is pretty much THE best city in the country if not the world.
me and mr. rhodes were talking about possibly going to the bad fish concert tonight and then decided against it once we realized how early the show started.
so that got me to thinking who else is playing in the boston area this weekend.
after i did a little digging around i came to the conclusion that nobody i would particularly enjoy:(
coming from austin where there is literally a show every night by some great band i'm begininng to realize i might have a been a bit spoiled and now starting to pay for it!
although there are many things to love about new england the music scene in mass leaves alot to be desired.
i'm sincerely hoping that i might have just looked in the wrong places for shows and maybe it's more "underground".
because accepting the face that a city as big as boston doesnt have more than the run of the mill shows will truly disappoint and astonish me.
maybe its like trying to compare two boyfriends...
and i should just stop while im a behind.
all i can hope is that i'm truly wrong and just need to jump in a little deeper.
if any of you new englanders can point me in the right direction please please please do!!!!

love and sanity


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