how gorgeous is that?
i would love to be in the water...just completely oblivious to everything and just in the moment.


...not all the time
but sometimes i feel like this

when you think that last talk did it
you know that feeling of contentment when you think you've finally gotten through and are on the same page.
when you hear the other person clearly and understand and feel the adjustments in your head.
become fine with what they are requesting.
actually see yourself meeting those "requirements"
in your head it's fixed.
and then the next day comes and it hasn't changed.
everything is as if you didn't say a word.
yup thats when i feel like pulling my hair out.
and i do believe i'm at that point right now.

Back in the saddle again

so although im still a little pink in the eye i just couldnt take being at home any longer.
it really is too easy to get stir crazy for me!!
and now that all my overdue emails are answered and all my mess from my mini-medi-vaca are taking care of what better use of my time then to blog...?!
my thoughts exactly!
i'm thinking today (like most other days) will be comsumed by all the very cool things on etsy i can find!
one of my all time favorite etsy-crack shops is flour clothing.
i know i say this often but i do truly mean this time (and i'm almost sure everytime i say it...i have a problem if you haven't noticed) but i would love ANYTHING from this shop!
i do realize that i'm a bit shopping obsessed lately!
my last post was a wish list and now i'm gushing about an etsy shop...but like i said i can't help it i have a problem :)
but i just don't ever see how anyone couldn't be obsessed with this shop!!




um hello.

Christmas list

like previously stated im a little under the weather and that tends to really fuck with my sleeping schedule!
now that it's 2:00 in the a.m. and i'm awake i thought i'd put together a list of all the pretty and pretty random things that have caught my eye for christmas.
haha i know this one is purely selffish...but maybe you will find something you love or better yet something you would love to buy for me :)
wishful thinking?
i think so!!
merry christmas!

love and sanity








any cute pyrex to add to my collection.


sick teddy bear.

so the reason i'vd been m.i.a. recently is because i've been under the weather. disgustingly gross and sick haha.
so haven't really been doing much of anything except being ridiculously bored and im itching to get back to work! so my loves if you find yourself in such a position to keep me company please feel free!!

love and sanity

Up to you

i've been pounding at the keys for about a week or so and have no idea where i'm wanting to go with it.
i mean first and fore most this is an outlet for anything pretty and shiny i find and fall in love with.
but since i'm in a pretty new and exciting chapter in my life i'm trying to decide if that is something i should bore you with....
so its up to you!
kind of empowering huih?
i'm completely fine and actually would enjoy just doing a "fashion" type blog and trek the interwebs to brings the prettiest things.
but i'm gonna be honest here i'm mexican and with that comes A LOT of i've been told just listening to my current goings-on with the mister are equally interesting!
i would just hate to force boy-girl woes onto your eyes if you could care less!!
i'm an open book regardless!
but now that that is off my chest i'll let my new obessions shine.

love and sanity


so being the native centeral/south Texan that i am, i'm not too used to the snow.
i mean i've SEEN snow...which seems to be the number one question from folks when they find out i'm for Tejas.
but i've never really had to drive in it.
in Texas the close down schools when there's just a threat of a freeze.
so i find myself ill prepared to say the least.
what do i need to know?
besides the obvious precautions??
looking beyond the immediate dangers, i find the snow completely romantic in it's danger.
haha i'm sure if i called snow dangerous out loud my mister would laugh himself drunk!
i can't help but be a little terrified about having to drive on ICE when my past experience with the stuff has only been in cups and cocktails!
but even beyond that im as anxious as can be to see the first snow!
i've become mildly obsessed.
i think i could take the cold if there was some snow...doesn't that seem reasonable?
here are my recent pictures of obsession...enjoy i know i have :)




love and sanity

Christmas tree dilemma.

so with the holidays suffocating us on every radio station, commercial and pretty much everywhere we look i can't avoid the fact that my humble apartment is so bare of holiday fare!
don't misinterpret that last statement i actually really love the holidays!
i've just been jaded by years of retail and its obvioulsy spawned this love/hate relationship with the holidays.
now that i'm no longer in said enviroment it's more love than hate but i still have a knee jerk reaction to cheesy christmas music...but doesn't everybody?
no? maybe it's just me!
but the real dilemma here deciding what kind of christmas tree is the best!
real or faux?
classic or modern?
funky or cool?
so here are the best inspriations i've found!
and i will make sure and post what my final creation looks like!
hopefully i'll have my christmas tree up and running this weekend!!!








love and sanity


nothing really on my mind today except a certain recent bad decision.
the bad decision in question is when i decide to do my laundry late at night and become so committed that i cant stop.
then when my mountains turn to nothingness i realize its 4 in the a.m.!
then the bright idea hits...
"since i'm already up and the probability of me getting up in two hours for work is slim let me just make some coffee and stay up"
yeah not my brightest idea and i'm definitely paying for it now!
despite my massive fatigue i still think i'm better than this:

sleepy grumpy girl.

Rather be...


i'd rather be silly than serious
i'd rather love than be loved
i'd rather be clumsy than graceful
i'd rather be stressed and happy than relaxed and unfulfilled
i'd rather be passionate than safe
i'd rather be lonely than unhappy
i'd rather be affectionate than stuck up
i'd rather be grunge than rap
i'd rather be rock than pop
i'd rather be indie than not
i'd rather be a hippie than a stiff
i'd rather be happy than successful
i'd rather be poor than greedy
i'd rather be here than nowhere.


oh austin.

i meant to post earlier today but it has been a pretty lazy saturday and well i just got distracted!
mainly by the rough and tumble world of living with a boy...especially a boy who drinks about ohhh...15,000 gallons of milk a week!
but anywho the real reason that got me sitting down is the fact that austin, tx is pretty much THE best city in the country if not the world.
me and mr. rhodes were talking about possibly going to the bad fish concert tonight and then decided against it once we realized how early the show started.
so that got me to thinking who else is playing in the boston area this weekend.
after i did a little digging around i came to the conclusion that nobody i would particularly enjoy:(
coming from austin where there is literally a show every night by some great band i'm begininng to realize i might have a been a bit spoiled and now starting to pay for it!
although there are many things to love about new england the music scene in mass leaves alot to be desired.
i'm sincerely hoping that i might have just looked in the wrong places for shows and maybe it's more "underground".
because accepting the face that a city as big as boston doesnt have more than the run of the mill shows will truly disappoint and astonish me.
maybe its like trying to compare two boyfriends...
and i should just stop while im a behind.
all i can hope is that i'm truly wrong and just need to jump in a little deeper.
if any of you new englanders can point me in the right direction please please please do!!!!

love and sanity

Where is home?

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i haven't kept it a secret that i recently moved away from my family in pursuit of...a life(?).
and recently the weight of this decision has begun to break my back.
waking up realizing that the 30 minute drive to my security has now streched to a 3 day trek is haunting.
My poor boy sometimes gets the brunt of my homesickness and sadly i don't think he understands how much it truly effects me.
and honestly i can't really expect him to...right?
plus he grew up in a completely different atmosphere than i did, not saying one is better than the other, but my family is big and loud and tighter than spandex.
and upon my announcement of me moving from texas to new england not only came as a shock but didn't really reach understanding minds.
i left in quite a fight, which resulted in a big riff between me and my dad.
we haven't talked since i left almost 5 months ago.
that in itself is a huge say the least.
me and my dad were pretty close and like any daughter he was a hero of mine for quite a while...what am i saying he is still one of my biggest heros.
and not speaking to him on a regular basis is a very hard hurdle to overcome.
my mom on the other hand is direct and constant contact with me and i couldn't be happier about that!
i'm sure she would like to talk everyday and i know i feel the same but life tends to get in the way of that and oddly enough i'm beginning to believe that talking to her actually brings on the homesickness in stronger waves somedays.
and then my sister heather, younger by 2 years needless to say we were inseperable even as teenagers.
faught pretty steadily but were right there the second the other needed support or a shoulder to cry on when which every douche at the time broke our heart.
and now its proving more difficult to provide my shoulder at a distance.
not to mention that i worry about her like crazy.
i see her going down the same paths i've walked and i want her to avoid them...most of them have some nasty side effects.
but again thats very difficult at a distance.
the last piece of my "immediate family" broken heart would be my brother felipe.
my little man just started middle school and i hate to think his innocence is leaving him.
he was always the light in everything.
parents could be arguing me and heather could be ripping each others heads off and he would be there oblivious and just like make everyone smile.
he is just a happy kid and i never really realized how much that had an effect on me.
but moving past the impromptu family tree there i have this ball of i don't quite know what in the pit of my stomach all time.
anytime i let myself drift off to la la land and think about "home" it hits that ball and then stirs up nostalgia, pain and just a longing to be there.
and the mister just doesn't have much experience on how to deal with that.
somedays its like i can talk for hours on end about home and just be happy and that senseof security is there just because im talking about "home".
whereas other days i can't even think about it in fear of crying.
and he knows this and is somewhat unsure on what to do.
which makes me love him even more.
but even more serious i see myself making him my rock because of this.
just writing that made me uneasy.
i know it doesn't make much sense for someone who did all this distruction in a move for another person to be uncomfotable in having said person take on the role of a "rock"
but that's is just how crazy i am haha.
i tend to not like to depend on anyone and handle it all myself...i am a woman after all.
but now i can't help but really fall in love with him even more seeing how much he cares and wants to be there and really wants<3.
he will always have my heart because of it.

phew that was intense.
probably the most honest i've been in "print".
exactly what i needed today!
thank you for lending your eyes.

love and sanity

Let's break it down.

So THE main reason i decided to create this gorgeous vessel of a blog was to keep my sanity.
Simple enough.
But in all honesty the "gorgeous"ness I'm speaking here will, at times, be something of an acquired taste. i tend to ramble and even at times rant.
but the big picture is that i have a venue to clear my head
Image and video hosting by TinyPic,
and mainly to post pretty things that catch my eye.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and hopefully if i get brave enough there mught also be a time i will truly be able to strip down to the darkest and dirtiest thoughts that go through my twisted mind...scary! So there is my full disclosure and hopefully even after all that you will still come back for more. now that was seriously just a hit the ground running first post...i WILL be back with a little bit more about me and my sitch so when i start spouting about "my day" and whatever there will be more of a frame of reference. or maybe not :)

picture source:

Nice to meet you.


obviously my head is too discombobulated to hold a basic sentence which honestly says tons about my life haha!
But brief overview is that im a twenty-something girl living in new england...forcing myself to love the cold!
native texan and actually native to everywhere [the likes of the south west].
lover of reading, thrifting, flowers, records, bikes, tattoos and old movies.
i wish i could cook but tend to find one dessert at a time i can actually bake!
i have a huge family that i love more than life itself but at times can be very trying [yup i know, not a very fresh story]
and lastly the main love these days is my boy.
i moved 2,000+ miles for him and at times might literally want to rip his head off but for better or worse he has a hold on me.
and hopefully thats a mutual feeling :)
these types of "get to know you" things are always a bit awkward for me so hopefully this all will make sense in due time!
and most importantly main objective of this blog is to keep sanity and look at pretty things so here are some:

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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much love and sanity


so my day starts with about 3 cups of coffee and a 30 minute drive which is always fun.
a little hint of sarcasm in that one i have to admit.
then once i arrive at work i dive right into what i left behind the day before and tackle new tasks for the day.
which i'm sure is the same as the next person.
but something i should definitely not be posting is that sprinkled in between all that work i absolutely am an avid follower of some blogs.
i am new to the whole blog world and the blogs im going to recommend im sure are already on everyones noteworthy if that's the case there is definitely a reason!!
so here are my must list(and it is growing!):

bluebird just keeps me smiling! i fell in love with Miss James' vintage shop and then discovered her blog that covers everything! but her bird family couldnt be cuter and although i have no current plans for a little bundle of joy of my own i can't help but just drink in her advice and parenting style! absolutely lovely!

creature comforts i couldn't be more addicted to the pretty things on this blog!

hip2savethis one is a bit different than the past couple but nowadays it doesn't hurt to save a buck and she is absolutely adorable!

eat drink chic talk about gorgeous styling and tons of free printable which i looove. she just has amazing style and eye for pretty things!

once wed is a terrific site for more of the indie set wedding planners. if mr. rhodes knew i frequented this site pretty much everyday i think he would be a bit worried :)i stumbled on this blog and it should be pretty obvious by now that i get addicted to anything remotely gorgeous...i instantly become an addict! and i'm pround to say that i keep coming back for more!

now there are a couple of more sites that i visit everyday but i really should get back to work haha.
and if you have any suggestions please let me know!
i love being distracted for a moment...or all day!

love and sanity