Up to you

i've been pounding at the keys for about a week or so and have no idea where i'm wanting to go with it.
i mean first and fore most this is an outlet for anything pretty and shiny i find and fall in love with.
but since i'm in a pretty new and exciting chapter in my life i'm trying to decide if that is something i should bore you with....
so its up to you!
kind of empowering huih?
i'm completely fine and actually would enjoy just doing a "fashion" type blog and trek the interwebs to brings the prettiest things.
but i'm gonna be honest here i'm mexican and with that comes A LOT of emotion...er emotion=stuborness...so i've been told just listening to my current goings-on with the mister are equally interesting!
i would just hate to force boy-girl woes onto your eyes if you could care less!!
i'm an open book regardless!
but now that that is off my chest i'll let my new obessions shine.

love and sanity


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