so my day starts with about 3 cups of coffee and a 30 minute drive which is always fun.
a little hint of sarcasm in that one i have to admit.
then once i arrive at work i dive right into what i left behind the day before and tackle new tasks for the day.
which i'm sure is the same as the next person.
but something i should definitely not be posting is that sprinkled in between all that work i absolutely am an avid follower of some blogs.
i am new to the whole blog world and the blogs im going to recommend im sure are already on everyones noteworthy if that's the case there is definitely a reason!!
so here are my must list(and it is growing!):

bluebird just keeps me smiling! i fell in love with Miss James' vintage shop and then discovered her blog that covers everything! but her bird family couldnt be cuter and although i have no current plans for a little bundle of joy of my own i can't help but just drink in her advice and parenting style! absolutely lovely!

creature comforts i couldn't be more addicted to the pretty things on this blog!

hip2savethis one is a bit different than the past couple but nowadays it doesn't hurt to save a buck and she is absolutely adorable!

eat drink chic talk about gorgeous styling and tons of free printable which i looove. she just has amazing style and eye for pretty things!

once wed is a terrific site for more of the indie set wedding planners. if mr. rhodes knew i frequented this site pretty much everyday i think he would be a bit worried :)i stumbled on this blog and it should be pretty obvious by now that i get addicted to anything remotely gorgeous...i instantly become an addict! and i'm pround to say that i keep coming back for more!

now there are a couple of more sites that i visit everyday but i really should get back to work haha.
and if you have any suggestions please let me know!
i love being distracted for a moment...or all day!

love and sanity


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