Because I tend to see the ugly.

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so i'm sitting at work and thinking:
at in my job i get the luxury or seeing the ugly side of people.
whether it's intentional or not.
i see their ugliness in my face and behind closed doors.
the ugly in their life choices and what is the worst of all when their poor choices effect the ones they "love" and they innocent people down the hall.
but every now and then when i feel myself getting cynical and really not understanding people i run into someone who shows me that ugly isn't the default.
that there are people out there that will go out of their way to do a nice thing.
who will endure sleep depervation to help others...even when there's no sign of reciprocation.
so the point im trying to make, corny as it may, just be kind.
it's not difficult...if you see the use in it.
just think about all the time wasted being good does that really feel knowing you had the last word in an argument with the customer service rep at best buy?
at the end of the day do you really wanna dwell on the negative?
so why not try to elminate the negative??
it might be impossible and unrealistic to ask people to stop being ugly and nasty but is it so ridiculous to ask for some humanity?
i know everyone has some good in them and the hadest part...the main struggle in life is trying to bring it forward.

love and sanity


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