Let's break it down.

So THE main reason i decided to create this gorgeous vessel of a blog was to keep my sanity.
Simple enough.
But in all honesty the "gorgeous"ness I'm speaking here will, at times, be something of an acquired taste. i tend to ramble and even at times rant.
but the big picture is that i have a venue to clear my head
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and mainly to post pretty things that catch my eye.
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and hopefully if i get brave enough there mught also be a time i will truly be able to strip down to the darkest and dirtiest thoughts that go through my twisted mind...scary! So there is my full disclosure and hopefully even after all that you will still come back for more. now that was seriously just a hit the ground running first post...i WILL be back with a little bit more about me and my sitch so when i start spouting about "my day" and whatever there will be more of a frame of reference. or maybe not :)

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