so being the native centeral/south Texan that i am, i'm not too used to the snow.
i mean i've SEEN snow...which seems to be the number one question from folks when they find out i'm for Tejas.
but i've never really had to drive in it.
in Texas the close down schools when there's just a threat of a freeze.
so i find myself ill prepared to say the least.
what do i need to know?
besides the obvious precautions??
looking beyond the immediate dangers, i find the snow completely romantic in it's danger.
haha i'm sure if i called snow dangerous out loud my mister would laugh himself drunk!
i can't help but be a little terrified about having to drive on ICE when my past experience with the stuff has only been in cups and cocktails!
but even beyond that im as anxious as can be to see the first snow!
i've become mildly obsessed.
i think i could take the cold if there was some snow...doesn't that seem reasonable?
here are my recent pictures of obsession...enjoy i know i have :)




love and sanity


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