but seriously though, what does marriage have to do with it?

pressure much?

alright so i'm just gonna jump right into this.
me and my boyfriend...man-friend...gentleman caller, have been dating close to 3 years now and have very skillfully avoided absolutely NONE of the "so when are you cute kids getting married?" type questions.
now i have come to expect this kind of behavior from my family but when its coming from nearly complete strangers it makes me think...funny how it works like that!
you can blame it on my zodiac sign, my birth order, my hair color, my height or whatever but i have never really been in any kind of hurry or neeed to get married.
and that might have everything to with the fact that all the relationships i have been in, up to this point of course, haven't really been worth marrying into.
but now that i am in one of the ones i wouldn't mind marrying into whats with my delay?
every time that ^ questions pops into my overworked noggin i come up with these gems: is it stubbornness(i'm kind of a pro at that) or am i suffering from some kind of female commitment phobia or oh no is he not the one?
yes, seriously its like a lifetime movie up in here!
but then i realize that the only time these questions pop into my head are when i'm shoved in the face with other peoples questions!
so i would like to humbly offer up my lifetime movie moments up to anyone who has to deal with these lame questions and maybe even offer some kind of solidarity??!!
too much?
maybe, get back to me!
it really isn't far to give these nearly complete strangers all the power, huh?
and after NOT dodging them today i just had to do something about it...and what is blogging if not the answer to everything??
well its off to bed for this one but i promise to be back sooner than last time!!


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